Paying it Forward

Covid is having a massive impact on our lives, and it’s not going anywhere soon. There are no end of metaphors which might offer hope for the situation in which we find ourselves, but this one makes me smile, and therefore motivates me more than most.

I’d like to help, but you’re the best judge of whether or not I can. Have a look around my website and see what I do – it’s all transferable skills stuff like presentation skills, communication and networking – and if there’s something that you think might be useful for you, then I’ll gladly work with you for up to an hour at a mutually convenient time on a Zoom call.

If you find it useful, then perhaps one day you can choose to do the same for someone else. Drop me a message using the contact form on the home page of the website, and we can take it from there.

No selling, no guarantees. Just time.

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