Started during the first Covid lockdown of 2020, Pay it Forward is an idea copied from the film of the same name and inspired by a friend who once gave me a concert ticket they couldn’t use on the condition that I made a comparable donation to the charity of my choice. In an attempt to spread optimism and generalized reciprocity, I offer anyone who has attended one of my sessions in the past or found their way to this page:


A free one-hour online coaching session with one string attached


Just contact me using the form below and let me know how and when I might help. We can exchange messages to discuss your agenda and arrange a mutually convenient time – which won’t necessarily be during normal office hours.

In exchange for this session, I ask that one day you too pay it forward by offering your services or providing your expertise to someone else who would benefit from it  – and, in turn, ask that they do the same.

There is no particular time frame during which this should happen. Whenever is soon enough.


  • Sessions last for at least one hour.
  • Sessions are conducted on Zoom or other online conferencing software.
  • Session topics are based my existing portfolio of workshops.
  • Session content is shaped and influenced in advance by you.


That’s it.

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