“Mappa Mundi”

This course takes its name from the Medieval European maps that were purely schematic and only ever meant to illustrate broad differences. In much the same way, Dr Elias Porter’s Relationship Awareness Theory and SDI tool is an attempt to articulate how motivations drive the intentions that result in our behaviours. His theory was developed into a similar schematic which offers a glimpse into a world where it might be possible to understand ourselves and our colleagues with a keener insight.

By exploring our values and how they motivate us on a day when everything is going well, and how they might drive us on a different day; Mappa Mundi pilots participants through a comprehensive understanding of the Strength Deployment Inventory, and helps them to plot their particular journey through the landscape it describes.

The course can reveal the extent to which our core values often change in direction or intensity when we are in conflict, thereby clarifying for us what options might best be considered in order to achieve a desired outcome. When combined with an exploration of personal strengths and how they might be perceived by someone with a different set of values, the results can be quite startling.

Each of us has total control over our intentions, but sometimes overlook the fact that others are the judge of our impact. SDI is a powerful framework that allows us to explore the motivations that underpin both of these, leaving us more effective both on good days and in times of conflict.


"The workshop was very useful. I now have more clarity about my decision-making pattern, what I want to empower, giving me the confidence to make changes."


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