Moderation is an ancient principle of life; nothing to excess, eliminate extremes and embrace a happy medium. This is as close as the English language comes to translating the Swedish word “Lagom”, and it does the word quite an injustice. Meaning something that approximates to “just the right amount”, lagom means far more than that as it hints at the four-way relationship that is at the heart of presence and impact. The relationship that exists between you, me, here and now. Is personal impact and presence a myth? Are we born with it? Do we get confused with the modern culture of celebrity? Can we develop it? Why do some people seem to have more of it than others?

Lagom attempts to explore the apparent mystery around personal impact and presence by demonstrating that it is, at heart, a simple choice backed by commitment rather than an elusive gift of birth. As with many things, the answer may lie in the adage that success is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration; presence and impact can be enhanced through awareness, choice and focus.

Lagom takes participants on a journey of discovery and challenge through the areas on which our focus must always be, and explores how these areas, and our numerous choices involving them, can influence our presence and our resultant impact on the world around us.

Lagom is a course designed to make concrete and attainable the abstract and seemingly elusive attribute of presence. Once there, it can become a tangible aspect of our interactions and relationships.


"I was apprehensive about this session but ended up really enjoying it and getting a lot out of it."


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