“Preferential Treatment”

MBTI, created by Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, is based on the work of Carl Jung and affords people a distinct and powerful set of lenses through which they can objectively examine habits they have that affect the choices they make.

Preference in the physical world is easy to accept; we rarely question that we are right or left-handed, and if you have ever broken an arm, you may have had to learn to write with your less-preferred hand. Whilst difficult at first, it can be done with greater concentration and energy. Yet in the psychological world, there often is an assumption that preference is a dichotomy; a gift or flaw depending on circumstance and perspective. In the world of stereotypes, researchers focus on logic and artists on feelings; the implication being that neither is capable or suitable to work in each other’s field. Playing to our strengths, whilst effective in the physical world, can hinder in the psychological world.

Have you ever wondered why some people can seem so easy to get on with while others take more of an effort, or why some people seem to speak your language while others are alien to you? The cause might be no more than the fact that you and they are motivated by different innate preferences. Preferential Treatment is an experiential course providing a mirror for participants who can gain a greater understanding of their preferences.

Without a vocabulary that allows us to have a conversation about how and possibly why we are different, we are left in the space where those different from us are difficult, strange or worse. MBTI, like many other psychometric tools, gives us the language to create interpersonal harmony at best or, at the very least, a degree of productive arbitration.


"Piero was brilliant and he got everyone thinking. Particularly found the final section useful to understand how each of my fellow group members learns differently."


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