“An Impostor Calls”

If we spend enough time thinking about confidence, how we would feel and what we would do if we had more of it, we almost invariably end up describing with great accuracy the appearance of someone we admire when they are operating at peak performance. This confusion between what is and what seems to be is one of the biggest barriers when it comes to developing our own sense of confidence; if we could pin down exactly what we were looking for, we might stand a better chance of getting it. If we don’t, then the best we can do is the same: create an appearance.

Derived from two Latin words; con (with) and fidere (faith), this etymology underpins a hypothesis that confidence is a state that occurs only as a result of something else. The course, often delivered with its companion course about presentation delivery (Potential Energy), argues that exploring this hypothesis may help clarify at least some of the confusion about what it is, whilst helping us move towards creating it.

By acknowledging the confusion and accepting the above premise, An Impostor Calls guides participants through an exploration and articulation of the problem. Then, by engaging in some reverse engineering, participants are encouraged to construct the framework through which they are better able to build a sense of confidence.

An Impostor Calls is an argument developed over twenty years; a belief that the search to feel confident is a Sisyphean effort that will leave us forever grasping. Through disclosure and exploration, this course can help identify a longer, but ultimately more effective route to achieving the same outcome.


"Interactive exercises always give students the pleasure to decode and display what they learn. I had multiple leadership training in my past, both classroom and disciplinary, and I found this concise and precise for a workplace leadership environment."


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