Communication, typically the exchange of information between two or more parties, would appear to be a two-way process. In practise we are frequently managed at work and policed in public without any exchange of information, resulting in the predictable by-products of poor communication such as resentment, confusion and resistance. Compare lightning: it is typically an electric discharge between the atmosphere and the ground, which appears to be unilateral. In practise it is an unseen electric field from below that guides the charge to completion. Until safely connected to the earth, the lightning bolt remains unpredictable and unfulfilled. Listening and hearing are easily confused, as anyone with a partner who nods and says “uh-huh” while staring at the television, will testify.

Active listening is a phrase that was coined to represent listening with greater empathy where the listener suspends judgment and seeks to understand what the speaker is saying. While this is true, it can often manifest as rigid eye contact, mirrored body language and verbatim repetition. Perhaps listening is the willingness to hear, the desire to understand and being open to letting the other person change you. Whilst this might be debatable, it does illustrate the point that listening is as much a part of communication as speaking.

Incommunicado explores the dynamics and principles of communication, raises awareness of preferences and seeks to arm participants with a greater knowledge of how they could communicate more effectively. The course, employing exercises, group discussion and coaching; offers a journey through familiar and new landscapes, leaving participants with greater control in their ability to communicate effectively.

As unavoidable as breathing, communication is a muscle that can become supple through regular exercise or atrophy through lack of practise. Through exploration, practise and consideration, this course is a gym workout for those wishing to develop a more flexible communication style.


“Many thanks for an engaging, challenging and insightful training session last week. It was a training experience like no other and I found it incredibly useful.”


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