Dancing in the Line of Fire

Presenting is an act of public speaking in which one person shares thoughts and ideas directly with two or more others in order to affect a change in thought, feeling or action. This makes it a performance, and therefore one of the more unnatural forms of communication that we can use. No wonder many of us approach it with fear; not for nothing do many brides, grooms, best friends and parents agonise over their speeches and dread their moment in the spotlight at weddings. Daunting as it is, let’s not forget in this instance they are almost certain to enjoy a supportive and forgiving audience. The same can’t be said of a team leader of five, a manager of thirty, a CEO leading an organisation of thousands or just someone who has been told to give a presentation, and so any discomfort that exists will be even greater. Yet this needn't be the case, as it's not the content but the setting and our perspective of it that causes the problem.

Written and recorded by Piero Vitelli, the Dancing in the Line of Fire podcast is a series of narratives that explore aspects of presentation delivery. Drawn from the worlds of theatre, production, corporate events and personal development, each episode focuses on a particular aspect of performance that, if considered, evaluated and acted upon, can yield positive results for those who want their presentations to be more distinct, memorable and effective.

Episodes are free to listen to through Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and several other distributors; just click on the "Buy Now" button to access them.

"I'm really enjoying the podcast - I went on Potential Energy around 10 years ago. The insights have stayed with me over the years, shaping how I give presentations, and I've thoroughly enjoyed the refresher course the podcast has given me. Thanks very much for creating this great resource!"

Following in Ted’s Footsteps

Prompted by a life-changing workplace accident and the ensuing psychological upset of what was to be a rather nasty six year legal battle, Maria and Piero Vitelli gave up their comfortable life in London and moved to an unmodernised smallholding in Herefordshire. In one of the most sparsely populated counties of England, they planned to put down new roots and start afresh.

Over the following four years their family gradually expanded with the arrival of two children, a brood of chickens, a flock of sheep and one dog. During the same time they started to tackle some of the challenges of rural life in the form of learning to light and extinguish fires, taming rampant vegetation and discovering just how hard it can be to hammer a nail into a piece of wood without injury. Slowly, and often with the help of red wine and a good sunset, they began to put the past behind them.

In an attempt to chronicle their progress from the outset for geographically distant friends and family, these whimsical, descriptive, often funny and sometimes moving one hundred and forty seven letters were written as a blog between July 2011 and May 2015 before being published on kindle and in paperback on Amazon later that year.

"The most joyful book I have read in a very long time. I have been reading it before going to sleep at night and have been keeping my husband awake with my chortling. A charming, life-affirming book of tales of life in the Herefordshire countryside, told from the heart. A real gem."

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