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American Pie

About a year ago I found out that I have been in breach of a US law that requires its émigrés to report their income and, if more than a certain amount, pay tax on it. Just to be … Continue reading

Blind Spot

In her book Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error (2010), Kathryn Schulz explores and considers the value of mistakes. She claims that none of us like being wrong in the present tense. We will happily tell … Continue reading

A Penny Ode

I’m not a particularly big Van Morrison fan; it’s just that he’s always managed to worm his way into my music collection. And it’s not just my iPod, as it’s a safe bet that I’ll … Continue reading

Believe in Better

Not everything that can be measured counts, and not everything that counts can be measured is an aphorism that describes perfectly why the law is a hopelessly inadequate tool with which to resolve personal injury disputes. People … Continue reading