“Say What?”

Prompted by the need for social distancing in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic and inspired by numerous conference calls during which it was often difficult to understand what people were saying, Say What? is a one hour practical workshop conducted live on the Zoom platform for up to twenty participants using content from our three-hour face to face course.

Requiring a little bit of preparation beforehand so as to maximise effectiveness, we will work through the programme together. Some of it will take place in small breakout rooms with three or four other participants and the rest of it will take place as a plenary session. By the end of it you will have discovered a different way of thinking about and using your voice, which will lead to a greater sense of comfort and confidence when you do.

Say What? is a virtual live voice workshop which allows you to deconstruct your voice to its component parts in order to understand it and develop a greater sense of control over how you can exploit it to its greatest potential. Participants should be prepared to explore and experiment with their voice.


"I wasn't too sure if I should expect too much from your workshop, but I think I've had a bit of a breakthrough. Today has been the first time that I have ever finished a teaching day not doubting my capabilities. I felt more confident, did some subtle breath control exercises, took my time and as a result felt so much more engaged with the students and material. Thanks a million!"


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