Presentation Skills

“Potential Energy” Most presentations are perfectly competent, reasonably effective and perhaps not too memorable. However, as one of the most expensive forms of communication, presentations deserve to be exceptional. There are many obstacles to this … Continue reading

Presentation Coaching

“Kinetic Energy” To present is to appear before an audience in order to share a message that provokes a change in how they think, feel or are prepared to behave afterwards. If that weren’t daunting … Continue reading


“Specific Heat Capacity” Take a moment and imagine yourself in any of the following situations: Reading your child a bedtime story, sharing intimate thoughts with a lover, hailing a taxi, complaining about poor service to … Continue reading


“Cross Purposes” At the very heart of many people’s dislike of networking seems to be the word itself. It effortlessly conjures up images of insincerity, manipulation and forced extraversion constructed in a calculated manner and … Continue reading


“The Big Conversation” If we spend enough time thinking about confidence, how we would feel and what we would do if we had more of it, we almost invariably end up describing with great accuracy … Continue reading


“Lagom” Moderation is an ancient principle of life; nothing to excess, eliminate extremes and embrace a happy medium. This is as close as the English language comes to translating the Swedish word “Lagom”, and it … Continue reading


“Incommunicado” Communication, typically the exchange of information between two or more parties, would appear to be a two-way process. In practise we are frequently managed at work and policed in public without any exchange of … Continue reading


“Equilibrio” Feedback is informative, powerful and essential to our lives. It comes in many exciting and varied forms from the music of Jimi Hendrix to an Ebay profile, and from a parent saying “Don’t touch!” … Continue reading

Team Working

“Authentity” In 2011, Island 41 was invited to develop a residential team team working course designed to enhance collaborations between students from a group of three Centres for Doctoral Training. Authentity (a wordplay meaning “be … Continue reading

Time Management

“Take Five” There are many methods of considering, examining and quantifying how we use our time, and they all can be extremely valid. However, there are a few fundamental questions which should be addressed before … Continue reading


“Preferential Treatment” MBTI, created by Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, is based on the work of Carl Jung and affords people a distinct and powerful set of lenses through which they can objectively … Continue reading

Strength Deployment Inventory

“Mappa Mundi” This course takes its name from the Medieval European maps that were purely schematic and only ever meant to illustrate broad differences. In much the same way, Dr Elias Porter’s Relationship Awareness Theory … Continue reading

Belbin Team Roles

“Running High” Taking its name from the opening line of the anonymous poem “An Oilman’s Lament”, this course brings to life the research of Dr Meredith Belbin, whose pioneering work in the late 1960’s at … Continue reading

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