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With the restrictions required of us all by the Coronavirus Pandemic, face to face learning and development will clearly not be possible for the foreseeable future, and so for the time that we remain isolated on our Herefordshire smallholding, All 41 is our particular three-pronged response the challenges that we face.

Same same, but different is our commitment to deliver, with a degree of editing and revision, a number of our existing courses as interactive webinars for groups of up to 25 participants via the Zoom platform. Specifically, these are our courses on the topics of presentation preparation, presentation delivery, voice, networking, confidence, SDI and MBTI. Our one-to-one presentation skills coaching sessions remain unaffected.

Having converted our garage into a makeshift studio, Loud, fast & Off  sees us creating and offering videos, made in our particular style, that can be used as part of a virtual development programme. Hopefully enjoyable to view, they are an alternative to the webinar format, as individuals can access them whenever they like and work through the learning journal that accompanies them. Making this option particularly useful for organisations wishing to avoid the challenges of getting individuals to simultaneously log in to an online platform, there is also the option of a facilitated Zoom-based Q&A session for up to 100 participants afterwards. Topics planned in the first instance will be presentation delivery and networking, and we would be really keen to hear of any other topics from our portfolio that are of particular interest.

Finally, in view of the current situation, Helping Hand is our wish to make a contribution by providing a service that is of value, so we are offering for free and as our time allows, a one hour virtual face-to-face coaching session on any of the topics we normally deal with to any adult who feels they might benefit from it.

The writer Hunter S. Thompson once wrote that “when the going gets weird, the weird turn professional”, so from one professional to another in a world gone weird, please do get in touch and drop us a line using the contact form below if we can help.

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